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Today is the day
you stop guessing
and start knowing.

The Sang Lucci playbook shows you how to finally find your edge.

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You risked it all
to become a
full-time trader.

You took the courses, attended the seminars and did everything they told you to do, maybe you even made some money.

But then you feel the sting of a position go against you. Half of your account is gone so you get angry and frustrated at the market, and at yourself. Then you throw on a bigger order just to win it back – revenge trading, big mistake. The next thing you know, you've blown up another account and go back to square one.

Something is
throwing you off
your game.

You can’t articulate it, but you can feel it.

Forces are working against you, but you can’t identify them.

The Matrix, a deceptive system designed to drain your account and turn your emotions against you.


Being in the matrix
robbed me robbed me of my
better judgement…

…and kept me from developing a methodology. It practically destroyed me and the life I was building, until I discovered the problem: I was playing by the system’s rules and not my own.

If you want to find your edge and escape The Matrix like I did, then you need to unlearn everything you’ve been programmed to believe.

It all starts with
The 3 Laws Of Trading


To See

How can you trust what you see if you don't know what you're looking for? If you can't anticipate big market moves, you might as well trade blind.


The Noise

When the media and Twitter create hysteria…

Are you going to follow the hype or make money from it?



Sophisticated players thrive by preying on your psychological weaknesses. Developing your emotional intelligence allows you to turn the tables.

So why do you
need this?

The 3 Laws of Trading serves as the basis for a powerful framework that got me where I am now and learning them is the first step in escaping the Matrix.

Practicing is how you find your edge.

So, I’ve put together The [ 3LT ]™ Playbook for traders who want their lives back too. Here I break down each of the 3 Laws and reveal the powerful "effect" that happens when you use them together.


Actual Sang Lucci PnL

And once you've
mastered them
you'll be able to:

Turn patterns into profits with tape reading techniques

Transform your mind from your enemy into your ally

Sharpen your edge using signals from the best sources

And you’ll never look at yourself or the markets the same way again.

See you on the other side…

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