Learn Yourself

Here’s the good news: even with all this talk of algorithms and artificial intelligence taking over, your brain is still the most powerful computer in the world. You are capable of doing a lot of things that machines still can’t do.

Here’s the bad news: Your brain is a very powerful weapon, but you never got the instruction manual. You have no idea how to aim it, and that’s why it’s wreaking havoc on your world.

And yet, the #1 thing that holds traders back from actualizing their potential is that they allow their emotions to steer their trading. If you can free yourself from this trap, you’ve got a shot. You can make it.

Now let’s talk about another added element to this: what are the odds that sophisticated market participants know when the majority of people are most vulnerable to feeling a certain way, and how to take advantage of that?

I can tell you those odds are extremely high, because I’ve seen it my entire trading career AND I’ve met the big boy traders that do it - both humans and algorithmic.

Their goal is to steer the herd into positions that they can then capitalize on. Ramp up buying activity while they accumulate a short, and then pull the bottom out at key technical levels long enough to scare the shit out of all the buyers who run for the exits... playing right into their hands.

Emotions are how you steer the herd. And until you become aware of yours and get control of them, you’ll never separate yourself from it.

I could go on. There are many, many levels to this game. But it all starts with you generating self-awareness and learning what to do with it. That is the crucial first step on your journey to self-mastery, a journey that trading demands you take.

I want to make something very clear about the goal of this work that you need to put in. I’m not telling you that I can show you how to erase your emotions and become a cold, calculating trading machine. That’s just not how it works. In fact, almost all the traders that I have met that try to completely remove emotions from their trading end up failing.

The goal is to become aware of your emotions, to understand how markets are causing you to feel them, and to use them as one of many signals that you incorporate into your trading.

I feel afraid right now. Why? Something in my personal life? Yes, by now I know that when my checking account has less than $30,000 in it, I trade defensively. Okay, what about the markets? What could be causing me to feel afraid? I’m long these calls but there’s short pressure coming into this name in the tape.

Once you start having conversations like that with yourself - honest, self-aware conversations - you will have empowered yourself to break out of the patterns that currently have you trapped in one place. You will also have separated yourself from about 95% of the competition, because most people run from their emotions EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The flip side to the immense power of your brain is that it can do INSANE calculations, translate the results into insight, and express that insight in ways that go beyond conscious thought. There are times when I can feel, in my body, that it’s time to buy or sell. I’m talking about calibrated instincts. My brain analyzing thousands upon thousands of pieces of information - historically and in real-time - and then communicating to me what to do with a feeling or sensation.

It’s a spidey-sense for the markets.

I’ve earned the right to trust my instincts. I know the tape and market psychology and options so well that, sometimes, I don’t even need to think. I can just feel, and do.

That’s possible for you too, once you stop agreeing to be limited by the system.


At the outset of the playbook, I asked you to keep two questions in mind:

  • -Do I think what he’s saying is true?
  • - Am I willing to do something different than what I’ve been doing?

Now that you’re here, the answer to those questions is very important, because it determines what you do next.

What I’ve just taken you through is the tip of the iceberg. We’ve talked about some important concepts and principles. You’re starting to think of things differently than you were when you came into this. You have an idea of what’s possible.

The next step is to go wide and deep. Tape Reading. My options pricing formula. Market structure. Psychology - both of the markets, and your own. If you want a shot at this game, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort.

We created the Sang Lucci Master Course for that purpose.

It’s a lifetime program - once you’re in, you’re in. It’s the only way for me to teach you everything that I know. It gives you access to live evening classes, live tape reading sessions during market hours, and access to our community platform - The Steamroom. It also introduces you to other individuals that can teach you things I can’t - people that have mastered crucial components of this game, often using methods I taught them.

And you can keep coming back to new sessions and watch recordings whenever you want. Because at the end of the day, this journey will last you a lifetime.

That’s what I hope you’ll do - join us in the Master Course.

If you’re not ready to sign up, you should ask yourself why.

If it’s a money thing, I feel that. I’m cheap as hell. I get pissed at myself for getting guac on my Chipotle burrito.

But that’s a stupid-ass reason to keep dumping money into the markets as you feel around in the dark.

The course tuition is a good amount of money. It's also one trade. If you aren’t willing to invest that amount in your own growth and potential, you’re thinking backwards. The upside of knowing what you’re doing in this game is not just the freedom and the earnings potential of being successful; it’s NOT wasting time and money while you guess at trades and try to find an easier way.

If it’s a commitment thing, I feel that too. Time is our most precious resource. But if you’re here, you clearly want this. There’s no way to get where you want to go without committing time to it. If you can’t do that, I suggest that you don’t trade. The casual player is the easiest mark in this game.

If I’m a betting man, which I am, I’d say deep down it’s an emotional thing. There’s some force of resistance in your mind that has nothing to do with me or this trading course. It’s about how you view yourself. There’s a part of each of us that doesn’t think we’re up to the challenges that stand between us and the life we want. There’s a part of us that doesn’t believe we’re worthy of self-investment. That we’re deficient. That we don’t actually deserve the life we dream of.

I’m telling you here and now to tell that voice to go fuck itself. Regardless of whether you join the Master Course or not, life has enough roadblocks without us standing in our own way. It’s a natural part of the growth process - to doubt yourself -and it’s one that you have to move past. I’ve seen people from every walk of life you can imagine go through my course - stay at home moms, seasoned professionals from elite prop firms, immigrants busting their ass (like my parents), and “normal” 9-5’ers ready to take their market fascination to the next level.

Regardless of where you come from or what you know, I can teach you. Don’t let your lack of belief be the thing that keeps you in a place you don’t want to be in.

If you have questions or want to talk through the course in greater detail, email my partner Charlie at Charlie@sanglucci.com.

Otherwise, I’ll see you in class.